"I really feel very fortunate to have gotten the chance to study here"

Osman Jalloh during internship

I'm Osman Jalloh, a 25-year old final year Business Information Technology student from Sierra Leone (West Africa ).

I chose to study at LAMK because of a recommendation I got from a relative who graduated from LAMK. Although, I already knew about the highly reputed and successful Finnish educational system. After researching the school's curriculum and teaching method, and finding out about the awesome learning facilities and opportunities that awaits, I immediately decided to quit my fully-funded Government scholarship programme that I was already enrolled into then l in Turkey, and applied to study at LAMK.

I particularly like the diverse and flexibility method of the BIT degree programme which caught my attention. I didn’t know anything about Lahti before moving here. I have discovered that it’s a small but nice and vibrant city with lots of young students like me.

Osman Jalloh at work

Osman at work during his internship in Belgium

So far in my time here at LAMK, I've been lucky to have access to a whole lot of amazing learning facilities, tools, and also a fantastic opportunity to go abroad and attain an international study and work experience and expand my horizon.

LAMK allows you to shape your study programme to suit your personality and interest.

More so, studying here at LAMK has brought me not only a solid and diverse foundation for a diverse career opportunity in both the ICT and the Business world, but more interestingly for me, a very promising career in the digital marketing industry. And this is thanks to the flexibility nature of my degree programme, BIT. LAMK allows you to shape your study programme to suit your personality and interest. I got the interest in specialising in digital marketing during my work placement period in Belgium, where I worked las digital marketing and Communication Intern for 6 months and learnt the basics of most of the aspects of DM like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google analytics, Social media marketing rec.

I also had the chance to work in the U.S for 4 months as a summer camp counsellor where I supervised and acted as a leader and role model to young campers aged between 7-14.

Osman (on the right) and his friend during exchange in Frankfurt
Osman and his friend during Erasmus exchange programme in Frankfurt

My Erasmus exchange programme in Frankfurt was one of my most memorable periods of my studies. I got to meet, make life-long friends with, and learn from people from all over the world. Also, I got to be outside my comfort zone and consequently this made me develop both academically and personally, especially as a result of working in different I.T and intercultural projects with people from different background.

LAMK is really a quite a great and exciting place to study. The school is full of young, vibrant and very diverse students and teachers from all over the world. I especially like the practical and very interactive teaching method in every class. I really feel very fortunate to have gotten the chance to study here, especially for free, and to get access to awesome teaching facilities.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Information Technology, 210 op

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