LAMK gives excellent opportunites

Alexandra Maksheeva
Alexandra Maksheeva
​As Finnish would say: “Laiska töitään laskee” or in English: lazy people are ready to name all achievements anytime. In other words, it is quite hard for me to list all the things I have gone through during my studies in LAMK or my life in Finland generally.

I am Alexandra and I am coming originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I moved to Finland because I started studying in Lahti University of Applied Sciences at the program of International Business. It was exactly four years ago, in September 2013. My graduation took place in December 2016.

During my studies I have completed quite a lot of courses and I chose my path within sales and marketing field. Studies were interesting, with innovative learning methods, group working and especially, learning-by-doing approach. 

To my mind, the LAMK’s courses were useful and applicable to the working life. Especially I would like to highlight the courses related to the business communications and presentation – they were a milestone with studies connected to the student life.

Moreover, I had studied as an exchange student in Wiener Neustadt, Austria together with students from all over the world. Personally, I see exchange studying as an opportunity to get lifelong friends, another kind of education and knowledge and broaden the vision. LAMK gives excellent opportunites.

The time in LAMK went quickly and most importantly, I enjoyed the activities that were created for students. At the free time, I enjoyed getting together with other students and socializing as well as doing sports. Moreover, LAMK’s international environment is truly inspiring with the opportunity to enjoy communication and studying together with exchange and international degree students from all over the world.

As a tutor, I was also organizing activities, had possibilities to help teachers and had honor to present LAMK in St. Petersburg in the Finnish Consulate.  I tried to use all possibilities and opportunities that LAMK is giving for its students, like participation in the international case solving competition, which is also one of the coolest experiences ever.

In future, I wish to continue studying but at the moment I got an important job which needs to be taken care of. Currently I am working for LAMK at the field of education export, which means that I am participating in the projects related to the international cooperation of LAMK with schools and companies from other countries, for example: Russia, China, India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and more. Part of my job also is to help international students to get familiar with settling in Lahti and moving to Finland.

Previously I have been working for Stockmann in the supply chain management team, for LAMK coordinating the Astana Expo project and for Schoeller Allibert in the in-house sales team.

​My advice for the future students is not to be shy and get to know people and network with everyone. In addition to be active everywhere and with everything possible which comes up to your student email.