Lake view (photo: Anna Räikkönen)

Lahti Pre-Cumulus 2019

Tapahtuman sijainti
LAMK Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Mukkulankatu 19, Lahti
Come and participate in the pre-Cumulus conference 2019 at Lahti. Our programme includes an introduction to the Lahti Institute of Design and our brand new multidisciplinary campus plus some activities as well.


    Tapahtuman agenda

    Monday May 27, 2019

    Finnish Sauna experience (if you are arriving later, please contact pre-confatlamk [dot] fi)
    – Optional: registration needed


    Tuesday May 28, 2019

    Morning Sauna and light breakfast at our new Campus

    Programme at the Institute of Design

    • Campus walk through the new multidisciplinary campus
    • Institute of Design Profile presentation
      • RDI in Design Education
    • Lunch break
    • Co-operation and development work with companies
      • real projects, real clients
    • Future visions of Finnish Design Education
      • Finnish Design Academy project
    • Degree show 2019 at the campus

    Optional evening programme

    • Cruise on the Lake Vesijärvi
      – Optional: registration needed


    Wednesday May 29, 2019

    • Early morning departure to Rovaniemi for the Cumulus conference. Possibility to travel from Lahti to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport together with the Lahti delegation.
      – contact pre-confatlamk [dot] fi for details