Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Information Technology, 210 ECTS

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Information Technology trains you to become a specialist of digital solutions and digitalization in businesses. The programme gives you a new perspective on how information technology can be integrated with business processes, and how digitalization can improve business productivity.

Study begins
Bachelor of Business Administration
The scope of education
210 ECTS
Duration of studies
3.5 years

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15140 LAHTI

Study contents

Combination of Business and Technology

The programme combines theory and practice and equips you for a range of roles in the Business Information Technology field. The programme prepares students for digital business expert roles. You will also gain skills and knowledge to continue your studies further towards a master’s degree.

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will have a comprehensive understanding of future-oriented, innovative business operations. You will be able to automate business processes and implement service chains with the latest technologies while taking into account customer needs. You will have a command of agile and flexible methods and the ability to organise and lead projects based on analysed information. Lahti UAS also gives you the expertise needed to work as an entrepreneur.

Personalized Study Paths

In the first year, you will develop a good foundation in different areas of business information technology and start building your professional profile by doing core competence studies. 

From the second year onwards, you have the opportunity to start personalizing your study path by doing complementary competence studies. We offer you a choice of modules in Web application production, Software procurement and deployment, Real-Life IT Projects and Digitalization in Businesses. We also offer modules combining expertise from various different fields. You can also complete part of your studies in multidisciplinary development projects and learning environments (e.g. in student cooperatives).  Towards the end of the programme, you will gain practical experience by working in the organisation of your choice. 

The contents of the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology are designed in cooperation with businesses and with an eye on future competence needs. The programme prepares students for a range of roles involving digital technologies. All degree programmes at Lahti UAS include elective studies that allow you to broaden and personalise your expertise. You can choose elective studies from your own field of study, from other fields of study or from the open UAS path studies. 

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization
This programme does not have a main subject. You will build your competence profile through module choices.
More about the language of instruction
The programme is taught in English. In addition, we offer you an excellent opportunity to study foreign languages extensively. If your mother tongue is other than Finnish, you have a perfect chance to study Finnish with us.
The earned qualification is an undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree). After earning the degree, you can apply for work in private sector businesses as well as public sector organisations that require an applicable university degree.
Postgraduate study opportunities
After earning a bachelor’s degree in business information technology and having gained three years of professional work experience, you are eligible to apply to UAS master’s degree programmes. You are also eligible to apply to master’s degree programmes offered by universities.

More information about the programme:

Tarja Keski-Mattinen
Senior Lecturer
tarja [dot] keski-mattinenatlamk [dot] fi

Information about the application process:

Admission services
+358 44 708 1385 or +358 44 708 1386
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