​Student Facilities for Exchange Students

Academic Library 

You can get yourself a personal library card from the academic library of Lahti UAS. The library card is available for free from all academic library locations.  

Student Meals

As an exchange student at Lahti UAS you will get a student price meal in our campus restaurants​. 
The lunch is between 2.10 and  4.95 euros.

LAMK Sports

We offer large variety of sport and fitness facilities with gym, over 40 hours of group exercise classes and 10 hours of ball games.  

Student Union

LAMKO is the student union of Lahti University of Applied Sciences.
Every student of Lahti UAS, including the exchange students, can join as a member to LAMKO.  As a member you get many discounts and benefits in the Lahti area and also nationwide.  For example  you can get 45-55 % discount of tickets in trains or long-distance buses. You can also get discount in some shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels etc.  

Tutor Students

All exchange students will get their own personal tutor student. The tutor student will be in contact with you before your arrival in Finland, meet you on your arrival in Lahti Travel Centre and  show you around Lahti UAS and Lahti city. Tutor students will also help and support you during your whole exchange period in Lahti.
The tutor students are second year and older degree students at Lahti UAS. You can ask the tutors anything, the answer is not always known, but at least they know where to get help. Besides helping you, the tutors will also take care that you enjoy your student life by arranging different kinds of events during the academic year.
Remember though, that the best thing of being in a foreign country is to find things out by your own and to notice that you really are able to survive in new surroundings, although it may not always be easy. This gives you the best memories and experiences. 

Computing facilities

You will receive personal username for the wireless connection and an official student email account upon your arrival.  

Personal computer/mobile device

Courses at Lahti UAS are delivered flexibly, utilising digital solutions. Various electronic platforms and materials are used in the learning process and course contents. Students connect to the learning environment using their own mobile devices, such as a laptop or a tablet with a keyboard. Lahti UAS provides a wireless network as well as support for using your own device. Limited amount of temporary devices can be arranged if necessary, however we recommend using your own device to ensure effective studying. The recommendations for the devices  will be confirmed during the beginning of the studies, and therefore it is adviced not to buy a new device before the start of the term. However, if you already have a device, bring it with you when you start you studies, and we'll see whether you can manage with it.


We provide individual support for the exchange students with special needs.  Our student exchange coordinators make the required arrangements together with student service experts.

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