“Team is the most important asset of startup”

The representatives of Whaly Ny: Svetlana Eggen (left) and Daria Bu-Shakra (third from left) | Photo: Nuoriyrittajyys.fi
Svetlana Eggen, an industrial design student of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, and Daria Bu-Shakra, an international business student, participated in the NY Start Up program to set up their own business. During the NY journey Ilkka Nykänen, a wood technology student, joined the team. In the Uskalla Yrittää -final Whaly Ny, led by Svetlana, Daria and Ilkka, won the competition’s Best Innovation award with their business idea of a unique baby crib. Now, Svetlana and Daria encourage all students to drive their business ideas forward – LAMK students have plenty of possibilities.

Unique solution for unique family members

The core of Whaly Ny is to offer a baby crib with unique design. The idea of a cute, whale-shaped baby crib was born when Svetlana was looking for a bed for her own son. None of the cribs that were in the market didn’t catch her interest, so she decided to design and make the crib herself. Besides the unique design, she added to the crib a storage space and a swing feature to make the daily life with baby easier.

Quickly Svetlana started to receive numerous calls from other parents that were looking for the opportunity to buy the exact same baby crib for their own babies. That strengthened Svetlana’s assumption that there’s still space in the market for a unique product – that’s both beautiful and functional.

Driving the business idea forward in the NY StartUp program

In the autumn 2018 Svetlana decided to participate in the NY StartUp program with her friend Daria. Their aim was to get support and guidance to start the business, since Svetlana already had ready product. They thought participating the program would also be a great opportunity to gain entrepreneurship experience.

According to Svetlana and Daria, participation in the NY StartUp program was very helpful. Svetlana highlights the importance of mental support:

– The teachers of the program were awesome. They gave us a lot of information and support. However, the most important was the magic kick in the butt we got.

Also, Daria is happy with the outcome of the program:

– During the program I learned a lot, especially practical advices about accounting.

In LAMK we have many possibilities to drive business ideas forward

Both Svetlana and Daria emphasize that in LAMK the students do have many possibilities to take their business ideas forward. According to Svetlana everything depends on your own initiative:

– Go to NY StartUp program, go to the LAMK Startup Accelerator, go to the student’s cooperative Souvi or to LAMK Entrepreneurship Society. The most important is that you just go for it and take advantage of the services available.

Svetlana by herself has made the most of the student’s startup services. For example, through Souvi she found a team member, a wood technology student Ilkka Nykänen, to boost the team’s competence. At the moment, she is pleased with her team:

– It’s very important to find a good team. I wanted to build up an international team, and now we have know-how from Finland, Russia and Lebanon. We complete and balance each other’s.


Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Join the NY Start Up program in fall 2019. Through the program you’ll get an opportunity to set up your own business in a safe environment. More information: www.nystartup.fi and mari [dot] kempasatlamk [dot] fi.

Do you have a business idea, or do you want to develop already existing business? LAMK StartUp Accelerator offers high-quality information and guidance services. More information: martti [dot] makimattilaatlamk [dot] fi, or visit NiemiCampus (Mukkulankatu 19) StartUp space A126. 

Student’s cooperative Souvi supports entrepreneurial minded students. Through Souvi you can try your own business idea without opening up your own company, i.a. invoice your services and find team members. Read more: www.souvi.fi or visit them in NiemiCampus (Mukkulankatu 19) space A129. 


Text: Krista Tuomi

Photo: Nuoriyrittajyys.fi