Teacher exchange is a worthwhile experience

Internationalism in studies does not exclusively restrict to student exchange. LAMK Institute of Design graphic design students had a visiting exchange teacher from Lahti University of Applied Sciences partner school, Avans University of Applied Sciences. In October students participated in workshop what was held by Olivia Ettema, an exchange teacher from Holland. Before the workshop in October, we got a chance to interview Olivia.

– I’m doing a workshop on editorial illustration; that’s all about illustrating for newspapers and magazines. I have group of more than 20 students who are interested in this subject and they are many from graphic design, so for them it’s new but it’s really nice to explain things to new audience, says Olivia Ettema and continues:

– This is one of the things I love to do because it is also my profession. Next to teaching at the art school I’m also professional illustrator and it’s my core business so I know lot about it.

Is there something that you are expecting to learn about this teacher exchange?

– In the first place, it is really nice to see a new students and to see how they react on what you know. It is of course cultural difference here and there, but there are lot of things in common. The other thing is that it is nice to meet colleagues and see how the education here is organized. I think Finnish education is really famous in the world so I’m curious if we can learn something of Finland and of the Finnish system. It’s also good exercise to talk English and to explain your own profession in English. Broaden your horizons.

Do you like the LAMK’s new campus?

– It is incredible big and I like it to be a bit industrial. It is like a big factory and it used to be a factory I heard, and there is nice atmosphere to work in.

Watch the entire interview here:

Interviewer of the video is Arto Kutvonen.