Customize your day at the campus

You arrive at Lahti travel center by Z train and head straight to the campus bus, which takes you to NiemiCampus in 10 minutes.

The doors of the campus open in 15 minutes but you can enter the building with your own badge. You start your day with coffee and healthy smoothie, and head then to the gym before the hard brainwork. The workout wakes you up, and you check today’s schedule and the lunch selection in the LAMK App application.

The day continues in the auditorium, in the form of shared studies with the students from other faculties. After the briefing, you and other students are divided into project groups. You and your group fill the co-working area with thoughts and ideas. Kitchenette’s self-made coffee gives some extra boost to your brainstorming. The lunch gives you a nice break before the next lesson.

After the school day, you relax with your friends in after study style by eating burgers. The evening is started at the campus bar Lamkooma, from where your journey continues to the student party at Lahti city center.