The core team behind STORM Idea Contest

Lahti University of Applied Sciences has a STORM Business Idea Contest for all students and staff which offers to test the potential of their business idea and take the first step towards entrepreneurship. Competition design, visual layout and marketing are almost entirely made by students. It is time to get familiar with a competitive, innovative student group.

STORM is organized by LAMK together with the student-driven entrepreneurial community LAMK Entrepreneurship Society, LAMKES. The purpose of contest is to find business ideas to promote entrepreneurship. Five students from LAMKES made the entire visual work of the contest: competition design, graphic design, marketing and communication.

Krista Tuomi and Niklas Haara from Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management, student of Business Information Technology Wakil Bouljoub, and students of International Business Anastasiia Donchenko and Shima Edalatkhah, are the core team of STORM that has designed the contest.

We are expecting wide range of business ideas.

The STORM team is looking forward to a wide range of business ideas for a competition which is aimed to Lahti University of Applied Sciences students and staff. Students and staff members of Salpaus Education Center, LUT University, University of Helsinki and Haaga-Helia’s Vierumäki campus are welcome to join to the contest as well.

Krista, Niklas, Wakil, Anastasiia and Shima experienced while organizing a competition, that they all have developed project management skills, scheduling-, planning- and implementation skills as well as group work. The project has also taught many things about visualization and communication in marketing materials as well as the most important asset: working with students of different faculties and the pursuit of the same goal has been the most significant step for success in the STORM team.

– The process started with gathering people that are interested and able to make some commitments toward the project. After couple of meetings of the core team we decided to start crafting a brand that could be assigned to the project, which leads us to give the project a name (STORM), visual identity (colors, logo) and other brand’s aspects as slogans, marketing messages...etc. After we reached an agreement, we started to transform this brand from papers to reality by creating marketing materials (posters, rollups...), online presence (website, social media channels). In parallel to that, we were also planning the marketing comping and we tried to adapt LAMKES activities with STORM so that they complete each other, the STORM team says and continues:

– Summer time was full of planning, discussions and paper work in order to start the action with the beginning of the academic year. Because the hard work always pays off. We were totally ready to start implementing our plans at the beginning of September.

The STORM team achieved this amazing business idea contest by developing attitude of self-learning, multicultural communication and doing instead of talking.

– Otherwise, we learned how to visualize our mindset and use marketing material to convey our messages. We were able to answer all questions that arose in our mind and we were able to satisfy our curiosity.

What kind of tips would you give to future applicants?  

– Being a student in LAMK, means that you have plenty of opportunities to grow not only professionally but also as a person. With all courses provided here, LAMK provide in safe maner the freedom to shape your own educational experience where you could gain real life skills that will give advantages in job market.

STORM Business Idea Contest is part of the LAMK StartUp Accelerator project, which is funded by the Häme Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

STORM is a business idea contest organized by LAMK and LAMKES. Read more about the STORM!