Co-creating Sustainable Cities

Co-creating Sustainable Cities project continues the cooperation between Lahti (Finland), Rustenburg (South Africa) and Ho (Ghana) on sustainable sanitation and circular economy. LAMK coordinates the project.

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Circular economy solutions
In Ho Municipality, the main aims of cooperation are improving sanitation, creating a circular economy road map and finding circular economy piloting and business opportunities. In Rustenburg, the aim is also to co-create a circular economy road map circular business, and to support sustainable town planning.
Co-creating Sustainable Cities project consists of three parts:

1. AGROSAN pilot in Ho, Ghana
• Capacity building, training and demonstrations on sanitation and the use of urine fertilisers and compost
• Construction of pilot dry toilets: 2 for schools and 80 for households in 14 communities
• Cooperation between Ho Poly Basic and Kivimaa School in Lahti

2. Roadmap to Green Economy in Ho and Rustenburg, South Africa
• Co-creation of circular economy solutions on the waste sector
• Identification of business and piloting opportunities
• Co-creation of roadmaps towards circular economy

3. Sustainable Townships in Rustenburg
• Co-creation of initiatives for improving climate resilience and social sustainability of urban townships in Rustenburg
Project managers
Maarit Virtanen
RDI Specialist
maarit.virtanen [at]

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