Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) consists of four faculties and the supporting services.

LAMK was incorporated as a limited company on 1 January 2015. Lappeenranta University of Technology, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lahti University of Applied Sciences have established a corporate group (LUT Group) consisting of three autonomous institutions.

The President and CEO of Lahti University of Applied Sciences is DSc (Econ.) Turo Kilpeläinen.​​​ 

LAMK board

The Board of Lahti University of Applied Sciences is responsible for ensuring that operations are carried out in accordance with applicable legal requirements, directives and regulations, as well as the education provider’s vision and mission.

Members of the Board

Executive group​​

Executive Group is responsible for ensuring that decisions made by the board of LAMK are implemented, and that preparation work carried out for the board is of a high quality.

Members of the Executive Group

Faculties and LAMK Services


The operational organisation of LAMK consists of four profit units which are based on faculties, and the supporting services. Each faculty is managed by a Dean:

  • Institute of Design (Turo Kilpeläinen, Managing Director)
  • Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management (Tuula Kilpinen, Dean)
  • Faculty of Social and Health Care (Tuula Kilpinen, Dean)
  • Faculty of Technology (Silja Kostia, Dean)

LAMK services

LAMK services provide support and expertise to the whole organisation. It support core functions and achievement of strategic goals of the HEI. The customers of the support services include the staff members, students and other stakeholders.

  • LAMK services is managed by Anne Lankinen, Director of Administrative Services.