Open culture in LAMK

Lahti UAS is committed to promote open science and research (OSR) in all its teaching, research, development and innovation activities. We're advancing the responsible openness of research data, methods, publications and teaching activities by sustaining and developing open culture and providing teaching and guidance in all matters related to openness.

Open RDI

We are strongly committed to the principles of both open science and responsible conduct of research in all areas of our RDI activities. 

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Openness in publishing

All our own publications are open access and free for anyone to read, including the publication series in Theseus and our open access publishing platform LAMKpub.

Our aim for 2018 is that 98% of all of LAMK's publishing activity is published or otherwise made available open access. The score for last year was 94%.

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Open Data

Open data can be divided in open APIs and open research data.


Lahti University of Applied Sciences has brought some data publicly available through APIs. Currently, the APIs available are curriculums, courses, implementations of courses and reservations. The APIs are public but registration is required to get a key for accessing the data.

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Open research data

Alongside open access publishing, open data is another visible aspect of Open RDI. To promote and support openness, each project should have a data management plan to help with collecting, using and storing research data. To help with data management, LAMK uses DMPTuuli, a tool that allows you to manage your data, meet funder requirements and help others use your data if shared.

The digital preservation and reusability of data are part of data management. For data storage, it's recommended to use IDA tool. 

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Teaching and guidance

If you're interested in learning more about open science, data management or anything related, we're happy to help. Please contact researchdataatlamk [dot] fi, and we'll get back to you. 

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