Our Snapchat account has reached 1000 followers

LAMK Snapchatissa
Please remember to follow us also on Snapchat!
Today our Snapchat account has reached 1000 followers already. Thanks to all of our followers!

Lahti University of Applied Sciences can be found from many different social media services. The amount of followers has started to grow nicely also on our Snapchat account. All of our official social media accounts and a list of interesting accounts related to us can now be easily found also from the LAMK on social media-site.

On our Snapchat account you can follow many of our interesting events, life of our students of different fields of study, and on Autumn of course also our life at our brand new campus in Mukkula! Special LAMK Snapchat days and weeks will also be published here at the News section of our new Website in the future.You can find them all by using the "LAMK in Social Media" keyword.