Midnight Sun Summer School 2015

Summer School 2015
​From 1.6.2015 to 12.6.2015, for the first time Lahti UAS has implemented a Midnight Sun Summer School as an intensive course for students coming from different faculties and partner universities. The theme of this year’s program was “Co-designing a Better Urban Living”, through which the students had the chance to work in multicultural and inter-disciplinary teams, finding solutions to different interesting real life projects assigned by local partners from Lahti region.

The two-week academic program consisted of workshops, lectures, and exciting excursions outside of the classroom. Project teams had participants from ten different nationalities and they were working on four different projects. One was to develop a marketing plan for Café Oskari, a lovely vintage coffee shop located right in the center of Lahti. The second was about developing a facelift urban design plan for Kisapuisto, a local stadium that was once the pride of Lahti city. The role of the third team was to establish a city planning game concept which ought to help Lahti city planners gather information from the city dwellers. And finally, the last team was to plan a one-day nature event for kids in the beautiful scenery of Salpausselkä ridge.

After many intensive hours working on the project plans, the students got the opportunities to experience the Finnish culture and the beautiful summer in Finland through many interesting social activities – the city tour, the local flea market every first Wednesday of the month, the student parties, the dinner cruise in the lake and especially the weekend camp in Kukonnotko where the students were able to experience the Finnish traditional sauna, the lakes, the summer cottages, the canoes, the BBQ, the survival skills and many other summer activities in the beautiful Finnish nature.

The results and learning outcomes that teams were able achieve during the course were of very high quality and all of them received very positive feedback from the work life partners. 
Stehan Coetzee, one student from South Africa stated:

“I truly enjoy everything in this program. The real life project was very interesting and the approach was very different from what we’ve been used to. Our perspectives have changed a lot as we learnt to come up with new and informal approaches to something that was very formal and also to have a lot of fun out of what we were doing. The group dynamic was amazing since we got people coming not only from different cultures but also different academic backgrounds and we managed to learn how to integrate the differences to work together. I was very lucky to have such amazing groupmates. The social activities and especially the weekend camp in Kukonnotko were extremely fun! In my opinion that was such a great way to experience the real beautiful Finnish nature! All in all, we really learnt so much in so many different aspects and I truly look forward to many more exciting programs like this in the future.”

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Text by Linh Tran and Juha Hyytiäinen