LAMK Summer School 2018

Summer School 2018 Certifications
We made it! Summer School 2018 students with their certifications.

In May 2018, it was time for the 4th annual international Summer School at Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK). Over 30 students from 11 different countries came to Lahti to study Co-designing, Better Urban Living and Wellbeing.

Amazing experience

LAMK offered amazing experience for many students this summer. It was so mind-opening to realize that we are really living and working in multicultural and multidisciplinary environment and it’s very important to learn how to work with other people who are different that you. It is not the foregone assumption that people can understand each other and work together well, so you need to learn the skills how to do that.

With this course, students gained a wider global global perspective to many things. They thought that it was very beneficial and important for their future as well. In each project team, there were students with not only different professional and cultural background but also different personalities. Participants also regarded as a big advantage for having bachelor and master students in the same teams.

Learning valuable skills

Summer school is about preparing the students for the future – to international, multidisciplinary and hectic working environment. With this experience, students realize that they do not need to worry about working with different people and you have the skills and courage to work in intensive projects. In addition to interesting project work, summer school is a perfect place for meeting new people and cultures. For some students it is a life-changing journey.

The academic programme of the Summer school included lectures, workshops and teamwork with real-life development project cases. Students learned about service design, customer management, article writing and intercultural multidisciplinary teamwork.

Summer School 2018 students

Finnish culture and nature experience

The visiting students and the teachers got to experience and learn more about Finnish culture and our beautiful nature. First week, we went to the Enonsaari island where we had workshops, barbequed sausages, fried pancakes and of course went to a very important place of Finnish culture – the sauna and then swimming. The visiting students had not been to sauna before and they just loved it! Diving into cold lake after the sauna was refreshing - they said. Having the workshop in the Finnish nature and the workshops was regarded a great experience by the students.

The development projects

Summer school gives you the joy of exploring new things together with other students. The real-life development cases give you the meaningful learning experiences and expertise which are valuable in many fields.

First of the three projects was the Multisensory Nature Cube. Nature can affect your health and wellbeing in remarkable ways. You can experience it by many senses and this project focused in the question “How can we bring the nature inside the building to get all the benefits from the well-being effects of the nature”. The goal was to create the Multisensory (vision, smell, taste, hearing and touch) Nature Cube. Students found out what technical properties or materials should be used to achieve the well-being effects.

Second was the TAJUMO – Lahti Art and Design Center. It aspires to create an overall concept and plan for Lahti Art & Design Center and its HUB network. The main idea is to provide interactive and participatory experiences for different target groups by using new digital technology. The objective in this development project is to build user experience digital solutions for new kind of a museum experience.

The last but not the latest was Lahti Region – Hospitality Industry. The Lahti City is in the middle of Päijät-Häme region. We have a beautiful countryside around us and it can offer an interesting mix of urban life and idyllic views with green forest, small villages and cultivating field. The number of visitors has increased and services in hospitality are developing all the time. The theme of this case was to innovate new ways to find our hospitality services and especially our local food, brewery and distillery industry.

Summer School 2018 students 2

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