Finland's First Vehicle Designers Graduated

Vehicle Design
On the evening of June 1st 2015, we welcomed a small number of selected VIP guests, to our exclusive designers preview night for Lahti University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design's Vehicle Design graduation works in Helsinki Finland. The Finnish car design community was well represented, along with our students and graduates. We made a special effort to thank the movers and the shakers, the people that have worked hard for more than 10 years to lay the foundations for our current Vehicle Design course. Our event was part of a larger Institute of Design exhibition, which we also took part in on the following day at Kattilahalli, an ex-power station hall in Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

We call ourselves STANCE here at Finland's first and only full-time automotive design degree course. 2015 is our inaugural graduation year, and after four years studying and practising professional vehicle design, we were very proud to present our group of pioneering graduates. They displayed wide-ranging design proposals based on their own independent research. You can find out a little more about our course at our official blog or Facebook page StanceLAMK.

General information about Institute of Design and Fine Art (in English)

Institute of Design has long had a connection with the automotive design world, with previous graduates of Industrial Design choosing to specialise in that field. Graduates in the past have taken further studies at for example RCA London, and many work in the automotive design industry. Lahti alumni can be found in car studios such as Skoda, Toyota, Ford, Tesla and more around the world. In 2011 this established connection with the industry inspired us to begin teaching a full-time dedicated Vehicle Design bachelors degree course. It is currently the only course of it's kind in Finland.