LUT Academic Library Lahti

Welcome to LUT Academic Library to seek inspiration!

We offer information and library services to boost studying, teaching and RDI. You will find us both online or at the campus. Our collection includes e-books, international articles, journals and text books. Our information specialists are here to help you. 

Our main focus are the students and staff of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and Lahti University Campus, but as an open to all library, we are glad to help all customers who need access to reliable information.

Our locations


Academic Library Industria

Mukkulankatu 19, FI-15210 Lahti
Staffed hours Mon-Thu 10-15, Fri 12-17
Self-service hours: please check Mukkulankatu campus hours

Industria and its collection is divided into two separate spaces. Industria 1 (room D246) holds self-service check-out and discharge, customer service, reference library and book shelves 0 – 5. Industria 2 (room C213) is suitable for quiet studying, and holds library shelves 6 – 9, magazines and self-service check-out.


Academic Library Scientia (self-service library)

Niemenkatu 73, FI-15140 Lahti 
Only self-service, hours according to Niemenkatu campus hours

The collection is especially focused on serving the academic universities Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) and University of Helsinki. At Scientia, you also have access to University of Helsinki digital resources.

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