LAMK Duuni – Recruit a student!

Employer! LAMK Duuni is an excellent and effective means for reaching LAMK students. You can publish job advertisements directly to students, and the service’s built-in artificial intelligence takes care of the marketing of the jobs to the correct target group.

1. Get registered for the service 

Sign in to the service at

In the sign-in process, you will choose a username and password. After the registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. Use the link provided in the email to activate your account. After that, you can log in to the service with your username and password. Your account will be activated as soon as LAMK accepts your registration.

2. Create a company profile 

Start by creating an employer profile for your company. 

3. Publish a job advertisement

Place a job advertisement in the service, specifying what kind of talent you are looking for. Students will see your job advertisement on their mobile devices or on the web.

Tips and instructions for employers 

-    How do I create a company profile?
-    How do I post a job advertisement in the service?
-    How can I view the applications?

Log in to LAMK Duuni and recruit a student!