Studies for Exchange Students

We offer studies for exchange students in all our study fields. All available courses for exchange students are taught in English and are usually second or third year studies.

Business and Hospitality Management | Design | Social and Health Care | Technology

Studies in Spring 2020

The course descriptions are available in the online Study Guide:

The majority of the faculty courses are limited for the exchange students of the specific faculty and study field. Language and culture courses and interdisciplinary courses are open for all exchange students.

Learning Agreement

Please choose the courses for your Learning Agreement from the list of your study field. Exchange students are expected to complete 30 ECTS during the semester. Learning Agreements are signed at LAMK by the tutor teacher in the beginning of the semester.

Course Registration

The course registration takes place within the first two weeks of the semester. Please be prepared to make changes for your original study plan after the course schedules are published.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for each course are specified in the Course Descriptions. At the beginning of each course, students will be informed on the assessment principles which must be based on the course objectives. LAMK has the following assessment scale: 
5 Excellent - 4 Very good -3 Good - 2 Satisfactory - 1 Sufficient - 0 Fail 
H Pass 

Students who fail a course may re-sit the exam twice on specified dates. The grade of an approved course cannot be upgraded in a re-sit.
Students will be provided with feedback and assessment within four weeks after the course has finished and in any case well before the next possible retake. Grades for successfully completed courses that have been entered in the study credit register cannot be erased. 

ECTS Credit System

Finnish higher education institutions use ECTS credit system. The estimated work load for full time student is 30 ECTS credits per semester. Please note that a credit does not refer to the duration of a course, but to the estimated amount of work required. One credit refers to approximately 27 hours of work by the student. Lectures, projects, assignments and other forms of studies learning methods are all taken into consideration when the number of credits for each course is calculated. 

Transcript of records

Students at LAMK have an access to their study credit register where they can follow their up-to-date course performance. Official transcripts of records are provided by LAMK after all the grades have been given - approximately five weeks after the end of semester. Students will receive email when their final transcript of records has been uploaded in the online system.

Student Exchange Services
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