Data protection

Data protection refers to protecting the privacy of individuals when, for example, processing personal data. The operations of universities of applied sciences require collecting and storing personal data, and Lahti University of Applied Sciences is committed to comply legislation concerning the processing of personal data in its operations.

Data protection officer
LAMK has a data protection officer. The data protection officer ensures the legality of processing personal data and acts as a contact person for the supervisory authority and the data subjects in matters related to the processing of personal data.

Contact information of the data protection officer
lawyer Anne Himanka
E-mail servicedeskatlamk [dot] fi
Telephone +358 (0)294 462 111 (exchange)
Postal address PO Box 20, FI-53851 Lappeenranta, Finland

Rights of data subjects
Data protection notifications are used to inform data subjects of any processing of personal data at LAMK. See data protection notifications on this page.
In addition, data subjects are entitled to submit inspection, rectification or erasure requests concerning their personal data. Form for submitting a request: 
Please note that the right to erase personal data does not apply to information processed by LAMK due to, for example, a statutory duty or public interest or information which LAMK is obligated to store under law.

Data protection notifications:
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Individuals responsible for R&D projects are obligated to inform the participants of the projects. The data protection notifications of projects will not be published on our website. 

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