Bachelor's student selection

Admission to the Lahti University of Applied Sciences is dependent on scores earned either in the entrance examination or in SAT-test. Eligibility in itself does not yet guarantee admission. Student selection will be a competitive process in which the best entrance examination results and SAT results produce the place of study.

Student selection in Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration,

  • Business Information Technology (30 study places available)
  • International Business (35 study places availble)

The student must participate in the entrance examination or deliver the result of the SAT test in order to be involved in the selection process. Results will be published by Friday, 29 November 2019, at the latest. Note: All applicants will receive the Notification of the Student Selection Results letter by email, showing the applicant's points and the points needed for acceptance.

SAT-test is an alternative for taking an entrance examination. An applicant participates in the student selection by taking the SAT-test and the entrance examination or by taking only either one of them. Applicants will be selected using the two methods as follows:

Selection method 1: ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (70% of the study places)

Selection method 5: SAT TEST  (30% of the study places)

For the application period in September 2019 we require a minimum total SAT score of 900 points. However, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing minimum score is 400 points and Math minimum score is 400 points with the condition that the total score is at least 900 points. 

However, if one of the above mentioned options does not have sufficient number of applicants, then the students will be chosen from the other remaining option. 

Of the two admission queues, selection method 5 will be filled first, followed by selection method 1.

Only the new version of SAT test (completed after March 2016) is accepted. An official SAT score report must be ordered straight from the test organiser. The institutional code of Lahti UAS is 6891. Those, who have already completed a SAT test, must request a test result from the test organiser to be delivered to UASs. The result of the SAT test must reach the Lahti UAS, 24 October 2019, at the latest. That is why the SAT test should be taken no later than on the October 5, 2019 test date. Reports printed and sent by the applicants themselves are conditional until the original reports from the College Board are received.

These SAT limits are used during the application period from 4 to 18 September and as of October we will announce which SAT limits will be in use during the next application period taking place 8 - 22 January, 2020.