​Open access publishing at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti UAS) aims to boost innovation and promote knowledge sharing within multi-disciplinary research and development.


LAMKpub is Lahti University of Applied Sciences’ new open access publishing platform which publishes two journals: LAMK PRO and LAMK RDI journal. The journals publish articles and audiovisual materials by the staff, students, and partners of Lahti University of Applied Sciences both in Finnish and in English. 

  • LAMK Pro publishes articles for both general and professional audiences. The topics include project updates, views on recent developments in teaching and discussions on current topics.
  • LAMK RDI Journal offers longer articles aimed at professional and academic audiences. The topics include findings from Lahti UAS RDI activities such as workplace development projects and other projects. The articles published in LAMK RDI journal all have a research angle and are based on research data.
  • Articles in English

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Lahti UAS publishes in one publication series. All publications are available online through Theseus:

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Should fashion brands use Instagram?

Fashion has become available to more and more people around the world, and entering the market has become easier. Small independent brands have limited budgets and therefore cannot invest huge sums of money into their marketing activities unlike popular international corporations like LVMH or Inditex. Brands turn to social media increasingly, and Instagram is the … Jatka lukemista Should fashion brands use Instagram? →

Social media as a marketing channel for FMCG brands in Russia

In modern world, social media plays an important role and have changed the way people communicate, search information about products or services, find media content. This development has changed the way businesses are promoted. This article is going to provide a basic understanding of social media concept, evaluate the role of social media in promotion … Jatka lukemista Social media as a marketing channel for FMCG brands in Russia →

Automation – Make the machine do the work

As information technologies evolve in a rapid pace, human race has always been trying to find the best use of computers, from complicated mathematical calculation to deep machine learning. One of the most common uses amongst those is automation. By manipulating the machine with programs using codes and scripts, humans can describe any repetitive tasks … Jatka lukemista Automation – Make the machine do the work →