Bachelor's entrance examinations

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility will be invited to sit an entrance examination. As an alternative to the entrance examination of International Business you can apply to LAMK by taking a SAT test.

The entrance examinations will be held in Finland as follows

  • International Business on Wed 10 April for applicants applied in the 1st application period
  • International Business on Thu 11 April for applicants applied in the 2nd application period
  • Nursing on Tue 9 April regardless of whether applied in the 1st or 2nd application period

The examinations take place at NiemiCampus of LAMK. The visiting address is Mukkulankatu 19, Lahti, Finland.

The exam of International Business will be held abroad with Finnips, but Nepal is not included. The exam of Nursing will be organised only in Finland.

Entrance examinations of International Business will take place abroad between 18 and 26 March 2019:

  • Brazil: São Paulo 20.3.2019
  • China: Shanghai 20.3. and Wuhan 23.3.2019
  • Germany: Heilbronn 20.3.2019
  • Great Britain: London 19.3.2019
  • Hungary: Budapest 20.3.2019
  • India: Delhi 19.3.2019
  • Kazakhstan: Astana 18.3.2019
  • Kenya: Nairobi 20.3.2019
  • Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg 20.3.2019
  • USA: Chicago 23.3.2019
  • Vietnam: Hanoi 25.3. and Ho Chi Minh City 21.3.2019

The entrance examination can be taken either in Finland or outside Finland in one of the countries mentioned above. An applicant is free to decide, in which of these countries he/she takes the exam.

The venues will be informed in the invitation letter sent during week 9. 

The entrance examination of Nursing of LAMK is held only in Finland.

Invitations to the exams are sent 26 - 27 February 2019 for those, who applied in the 1st application period. Check before you send the application form, whether participation in the examination is possible taking into account timetables and distances on a tight schedule. Please note that in many cases the Embassy does NOT grant visas for attending school entrance exams.

Those who apply in the 2nd application period will receive an invitation to the entrance examination only a few days before the exam.

The pre-reading material for the exam of International Business has been published here on 11 January 2019.The material may not be taken to the exam.

In Bachelor's degree in International Business a SAT-test is an alternative for taking an entrance examination. You are able to participate to the student selection by submitting a SAT-test result and the entrance examination or by taking only either one of those. 
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  • Exams will not be held at embassies or other places, like British Councils, on request of an applicant. Nor can the exam be performed online, for example, using Skype.
  • Previous entrance exams are not available for viewing and there are no samples to be sent.
  • All costs related to the entrance examination are to be covered by the applicant.

To get an idea if you have a chance of being offered a place in the degree programme you are interested in, you can check admissions statistics for the previous years.

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