Research, Development​ and Innovation (RDI)

Lahti University of Applied Sciences is a regionally effective and internationally recognised multidisciplinary RDI actor with strong networks.

RDI activities are strategically defined by four focus areas which are Design, Smart business, Well-being and regenerative growth, and Circular economy solutions. Lahti UAS promotes regional growth, competitiveness as well as wellbeing and employment with practical and innovative RDI activities aimed at achieving concrete results.

We work in close cooperation with businesses, public sector, other universities and development organisations. Our development projects are customer-oriented and needs related with a close integration to studies. We offer multidisciplinary competence and fresh student ideas.

Open culture in LAMK

Lahti UAS is committed to promote open science and research (OSR) in all its teaching, research, development and innovation activities.

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Focus areas

Well-being and regenerative growth


Circular economy solutions


Smart business



Check out our RDI Projects!

Projects provide trade and industry organisations a way of developing their performance. Enterprises and communities can join ongoing projects or suggest a development theme and get in future projects.