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Strategic profiles

Along with the focus areas we have also chosen three profiles, which describe the operating models and practices of Lahti UAS as well as the strengths which are common to all UAS operators and areas of educational responsibility. The three profiles of Lahti UAS are: Experiments, Protos and Demos; Transformative Learning, and Entrepreneurship. These profiles demonstrate originality and differentiate Lahti UAS from other universities of applied sciences.

Experiments, protos and demos

Experiments, protos and demos are produced by communities and networks of students and experts. In cooperation with the industry they generate inspiring learning experiences and novel practices and solutions for the future. An experimental and inclusive working culture encourages rich and supportive interaction.

Transformative learning

Critical thinking, creativity, collaborative development and activity, and the creation of new meanings are at the core of transformative learning. Learning takes place in communities which allow a learner to develop as a person. Transformative learning provides the basis for lifelong learning. It results in true, practical expertise and a strong professional identity.


Entrepreneurship promotes the refinement and commercialization of innovative product and service ideas. Entrepreneurship, productisation of skills, and an entrepreneurial attitude enhance employability and potential for success. Entrepreneurial activity is emphasized in the learning process. It results in the ability to combine different skills, utilize networks and assess business risks.