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R&D comprises of creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase knowledge, including for personal, cultural and social knowledge. This knowledge is used to devise new applications. At Lahti UAS applied research and experimental development are the main focus and basic research has a minor role. (Applied research is target based investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge.)

Lahti UAS operates in the global innovation system as part of the regional innovation ecosystems of the wider Helsinki metropolitan area and Päijät-Häme. Regional development is integrated with international cooperation – global themes are also regional challenges. We are involved in the effort to make the EU a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy and to achieve high employment, productivity and social cohesion.​

Open science and research 

We are highly committed to promote the availability of open research information and open publication procedures and openness is one of th​​e key principles of research, development and innovation activities of Lahti UAS. Promoting OSR and building an open working culture are the key development tasks for our RDI activities.

OSR principles have been incorporated into The Lahti UAS RDI programme for 2016 to 2018 offering guidelines for RDI activities. Further steps to promote OSR are being taken according to our yearly OSR development plan. 

LAMKpub is Lahti UAS’ open access publishing platform which publishes two journals: LAMK Pro and LAMK RDI journal​. Lahti UAS is committed to the principles of open access publishing. Currently, over 90 percent of publications in Lahti UAS are available open access. All publications in the Lahti UAS publication series are available online via Theseus​. ​