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​​Clean and Dynamic Environment​

Clean and dynamic environment promotes the resource efficiency and sustainable urban planning. It enables to create a better living environment for citizen while preserving yhe life support systems of the planet. Moreover, it improves the competitiveness of the business in the region by management of by-products and improving the material and energy efficiency. It contributes to a clean and healthy environment by promoting responsibility, participation and social sustainability.

Project Examples

REISKA - New business using resource efficiency 

The target of the project is to increase the knowhow of SMEs in the Päijät-Häme region regarding resource efficient operations and opportunities through the piloting of various sustainable methods and tools. The project’s concrete actions and different approaches and calculation models will create new sustainable business and new jobs. 

Kiertoliike - Päijät-Häme Region Circular Economy Model and New Business Opportunities
The main objective of the project is to promote sustainable economic growth in the Päijät-Häme region with the help of a regional circular economy model and a road map towards circular economy. The aim is to support the transition of companies’ products, processes and services towards circular economy, to promote new business, and to find new practical solutions. Another aim of the project is to increase the circular economy skills base in the region and thus enable new innovations. Furthermore, the project aims at the internationalisation of activities, which is supported by networking and international project funding applied for during the project.

IWAMA - Interactive Water Management

The project aims to improve the resource efficiency in wastewater management in the Baltic Sea region by capacity development of wastewater treatment operators. Implementation of pilot investments which will result in reduced nutrient inflows to the Baltic Sea. Actions will focus on three main areas in the municipal WWT sector: capacity development, sludge management and energy management.

ELLI- Promoting cleantech business, efficiency and regional energy production

The aim of the project is to promote cleantech and energy efficient business activities and internationalization. The project will define the main aspects of energy efficiency and cleantech in the co-operation district and produce emarketing and communications materials to inform and support businesses. A wide range of energy and cleantech companies, authorities, researchers and educational organizations, and other stakeholders will be involved in the activities of the project.

NETS - The industrial symbiosis and energy ecosystem in Nastola

The goal of the project is to promote the use of renewable energy sources and methods that are both energy and material efficient by researching methods and solutions that help companies to achieve savings through energy and material efficient procedures. For this purpose, the plan is to create a local energy ecosystem and symbiosis among industrial installations and companies in the Nastola region. The project will also focus on producing user-oriented and easily understandable information about low-carbon economy, industrial symbiosis and local energy ecosystem on both national and international levels.



The goal of the project is to promote the potential of renewable energy through information design and visualisation. The project will produce simple and comparable information about renewable energy, which will be illustrated to farmeres and SMEs in rural areas.