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RDI activities

The RDI activities of Lahti UAS are part of the national and regional research and innovation system, which operates in the context of international networks,an ncreasingly globalised competitive environment and active collaboration with partners and businesses. The activities follow a practice-based, development focused and applied approach leading to concrete results. RDI activities facilitate skills and knowledge transfer and emphasise an international dimension and value networks. The aim is to generate activities that are transparent, practice-based and beneficial to organisations by responding to future needs and promoting the region's growth, competitiveness, well-being and employment opportunities in the focus areas.

The framework for RDI activities is provided by the multidisciplinary focus areas specified in the new strategy of Lahti UAS: 


Smart industry

Well-being and regenerative growth

Clean and dynamic environment

A set of RDI themes in which Lahti UAS will seek national and international prominence
have been selected based on the focus areas. The themes form the institution's RDI programme concept, they are interdisciplinary and complementary, and create multisectoral platforms that encompass partners across the network and facilitate future solutions. The RDI themes are also used to regenerate the region's skills and knowledge base and introduce areas of excellence in development as subjects of learning. The RDI activities of Lahti UAS have a strong collaborative aspect with networks and businesses. The RDI actors of Lahti UAS are actively involved in national and international networks.

RDI programme Lahti UAS (pdf)