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Studying at Ope​n UAS

In addition to the regular degree programmes, Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) also offers so-called Open Studies coordinated by LAMK Open UAS. The Open Studies are part of the Finnish adult education system. Open UAS courses are individual, fee-charging courses - they are not full degree programmes, even though they are based on the undergraduate curricula of LAMK.

Open Studies are in principle available for all, regardless of age, citizenship or educational background. However, they are mainly targeted for those already living in Finland. This is because Open Studies are not full-time studies and do not lead to a degree or professional qualification - it is therefore not usually possible to get a long-term student residence permit to Finland based on Open UAS courses. 

Please note that LAMK Open Studies are mainly arranged as contact lessons which require the student's attendance in Lahti.

If you are living abroad and interested in LAMK Open Studies, please read more about things you should consider before registering to Open UAS courses: 

Study in Finland - Open University and Open UAS​​

If you are interested in applying for a LAMK Degree Programme, please contact our Admissions Office admissions[@]

Open Studies are aimed at everyone who wish to 

  • update their professional knowledge and skills 
  • explore a new field of study 
  • apply for a degree programme in the future. 

There are no restrictions regarding age or prior education in bachelor-level open studies. However, you are required to have at least a bachelor-level degree if you wish to attend master-level courses.

Also, please note that the attendance in some courses may require prior studies; these are specified in the course details. See our course offering currently available. ​

The studies are subject to a small fee. Read more about the student fees.​​​​​​

The places of the open UAS courses are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Read more about registration and terms of cancellation​.