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From op​en UAS to a degree programme

Open UAS path studies offer an alternative way to a degree programme. After completing path studies at Open UAS, you can apply for a degree programme by separate application. 

After completing bachelor-level path studies (60 ECTS credits minimum) you can apply for the degree programme in question by separate application. In this case, you are not required to meet the eligibility criteria specified in the Polytechnics Act. Attach a copy of the official transcript of your open studies to your application.

After completing master-level path studies (
10-15 ECTS credits minimum) you can apply for the degree programme in question by separate application. When applying, you are required to have completed open studies as follows:

  • Faculty of Technology, 10 ECTS credits minimum
  • Faculty of Business, 15 ECTS credits minimum

In addition to the required open studies,
master’s degree programme applicants are required to have at least a bachelor-level degree in the field in question as well as a minimum of three years work experience in the same field. In addition, the average grade of your path studies should be 3 or higher (on a scale of 1-5).

When applying for a master's degree programme, attach the following documents to your 
  • a copy of the official transcript of your open studies
  • a copy of your education diplomas 
  • certificates to prove the required 3 years of work experience.

Please note, that only open studies completed in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences are acceptable and they must be eligible for the programme in question.

If you are admitted as a degree student, your open studies will be credited (subject to approval) towards your degree at Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

We can’t guarantee direct access to a degree programme, because the suitability of applicants is assessed in an interview or entrance exam, depending on the degree programme. However, a high number of completed open studies is considered as an indication that the applicant is motivated and eager to study in the degree programme in question.

You can also apply via joint application. In that case, the same principles of accreditation apply.

Both separate application and the joint application are submitted via the national portal.

The separate LAMK Open UAS application gives you an option to apply for both Finnish and English bachelor-level and master-level degree programmes. The separate application period is ongoing, i.e. you can submit the application as soon as you have completed the required amount of open studies.

How to apply - separate application in (pdf)