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Welcome, new campus!

19.8.2015 16:50 | Uutinen
Lahti University of Applied Sciences is currently making its new campus. Take a look at the Future Campus web pages to introduce your to the campus project. On the pages you can find also Story of Change dokumentation project, carried out by the student driven media-agency M.IDEA.

Year 2018 Lahti UAS has two campuses, NiemiCampus and FellmanniCampus. Niemi campus compiles of two addresses, already excisting Niemenkatu 73 and currently built new location, Mukkulankatu 19, located nearby Niemenkatu 73. New campus creates an engagin learning environments supporting the multidisciplinary working and shared use of services and spaces.  In the city center, FellmanniCampus continues to be an essential part of Lahti UAS campus concept.

Welcome, new campus, new Lahti UAS.

Take a look at the FutureCampus site