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Two internationally noteworthy service design publications introduced in Helsinki

29.8.2012 10:00 | Uutinen
Two internationally noteworthy service design publications introduced in Helsinki, Finland.
Service Design: On the Evolution of Design Expertise describes the developments and changes in Estonian and Finnish design competences since the 1960s and analyses how service design has emerged as a field of its own. The book presents research results of ServiceD, a three-year service design project.
Project manager Sami Makkula from Lahti University of Applied Sciences explains that the book also discusses how design has taken a turn towards the immaterial. Contemporary design work concentrates more and more on concepts and wider issues. In addition, the research publication provides insights to design education; how should education be developed amidst changing needs and environments.
Service design magazine highlights fresh, global phenomena related to the outcomes of service design, city planning, drama and interaction studies, and futures research.
– The design magazine and the scientific publication born out of novel research are of high quality and international significance, says Jari Koskinen (DynamicFutures & AlternativeFutures), Editor in-Chief of the Service design magazine.
Koskinen argues that the publications provide a great view on current developments of the field to design education and service development professionals as well as to various societal actors.
– The cross-disciplinary articles participate in the interesting international debate on the futures of design and services. The research project has good news for designers: new ideas and concepts are, alongside competences and brands, the most essential immaterial assets. In other words, designers’ work in creating new ideas and concepts equals innovation activities with economic significance, he continues.
The authors of the publications include experts of service design and co-design, futures research, media and innovation studies, social media, and international communication. In addition, Services Design Magazine includes contributions from experts from a wide range of scientific and business fields, including psychology, hospitality industry, intellectual property rights, etc.
The publications constitute an outcome of the ServiceD project. Now in its closing stages, the project has been partly financed by Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007–2013. It has done research into future educational needs and piloted service design education. In its three years of operation, the project has organised dozens of classes, seminars, and other events where various service design methods have been tested and developed.
The partners of the project are Lahti University of Applied Sciences from Finland and The Estonian Institute for Futures Studies from Tallinn University.

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