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Jiangnan University, School of Design in Wuxi, China – a new LUAS partner university

30.1.2013 16:05 | Uutinen
​Jiangnan University, School of Design in Wuxi, China is a new LUAS partner university.
Dr. JI Zhicheng (Vice Rector of Jiangnan University, Professor), Ms. Sun Xiaoping (Professor), Dr. WU Yao (Head of Architecture Department, Associate Professor) and  Dr. ZHU Rong (Assistant Dean of School of Design, Associate Professor) are visiting Institute of Design and Fine Arts on Monday 4.2.2013.
Dr. JI Zhicheng, Vice Rector, will give open lecture "Brief Introduction to Jiangnan University, School of Design, Wuxi, China" on Monday 4.2.2013 at 10.15 – 10.45 at Antinsali Auditorium, Institute of Design, Kannaksenkatu 22, Lahti.

All students and staff members are welcome to listen and learn about education opportunities at the new LUAS partner university.