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Welcome to Lahti - tutor style

11.2.2015 10:35 | Opiskelijatarina
Exchange students in Messilä

​In early January new exchange students arrived in Lahti. We tutors felt like something was missing from the usual winter orientation program. An event not only to be interesting but something new and fun. We asked our student association LAMKO about organizing an event and they were thrilled about it and decided to back us up. After revising that idea between the international head tutors of different faculties we started going ahead with our plan for something new.

International tutors of LAMKO decided to host get together-day for all exchange students so everyone would get to see Finnish winter and create team spirit between tutors and all of the exchange students. After careful planning tutors end up with winter day in Messilä. It combined all the best things about Finland and Lahti: snow, good food and time together.

All of the exchange students were invited but unfortunately some of them still had not arrived to Finland. On Tuesday 13th of January over 50 students packed in the bus and started adventure towards Messilä. When people finally arrived in Messilä everyone grouped up in Restaurant Bistro. Tutors organized few games to break the ice and after them it was time for the main thing: sledding, downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Most of the people decided to go sledding and they seemed to have good time! Even some snowball fights might have occurred… After few hours the snowy but smiling people started to gather by the fire. Someone started to get cold but sausages, juice and bread made everything better.

But everything comes to the end so did this trip. The bus came to pick up the tired but happy students and the adventure was over. Still many exchange students were asking “When will we have next day like this? This was awesome!”

Pictures tells more than words – you can find pictures about the day here.

Sledges were borrowed from Oppilaspastorit – big thank for them.
And of course, thanks to LAMK and LAMKO for participating to the costs. You made this possible.
Mira Järvenpää – Head of International tutors in Faculty of Technology
Oskar Klemetti – Head of International tutors in Faculty of Social- and Healthcare