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"We chose LAMK"

12.1.2018 10:30 | Opiskelijatarina

​Students of International Business and Business Information Technology gathered together to talk about why they chose LAMK and how it is like to be in Finland. 

International Bachelor’s Degree Programme offers many opportunities 

Business Information Technology student Juan Bravo Zúñiga is from Chile. Juan describes Lahti University of Applied Sciences as an encouraging and a warm place to study.

- I came to Finland in 2015 with my girlfriend. After a while I decided it was time to study, so LAMK offered me the environment and the career opportunities I wanted to have. It’s almost like I forget that I’m studying, I just come to campus, have some fun and learn new things at the same time.

Juan’s classmate Mahyar Mohammadi from Iran is also studying Business Information Technology and he finds LAMK very helpful environment for all the students. 

- I think it’s a good environment for developing and also if you want to learn new things about your future career you have many opportunities to learn those in LAMK.

Shima Edalathkhah, International Business student from Iran, likes especially the location of LAMK, because it is near to Helsinki.

- The environment seemed to me very friendly. I’m married, so one reason why we chose LAMK was because me and my husband had the opportunity for both of us to study at the same school here.  

Shima was also in touch with LAMK personnel via email:

- I was on contact with the personnel and they were very helpful, so I was motivated to study here. 

Shima tells that even if there is a moment they are not in the mood for studying, the people, the beautiful places and the access over different devices motivates the students to study and learn. 

Working on the projects

Studying at LAMK includes many projects and the meaning of that is learning by doing. 

- There have been many different nice memories during the studies and most of them were when we were doing some assignments together. We have different courses about the projects and there are practical courses. For example, last semester we had the development project that was about developing the LAMK application and I participated in that project. I created some part of the application and it was great, Mahyar says. 

For Juan one of the greatest things he’ve gotten from LAMK has been a lot of practical, concrete experience in projects and in developing things.  

- In our career, we have been, what – like a year and a half studying, and we have had tons of projects of different kinds. And probably the greatest part of it, for me at least – I’m very into the topic, is that I can search for different projects on my own and I’ve always gotten complete support from the university to get these projects and include them into my studies.

Unlike Juan and Mahyar, Shima have had more group works than projects:

- We are searching and learning – it teaches you what is going on in your future career. It’s not as practical as Mahyar’s and Juan’s, for example they design a software or do something but we mainly have some projects that includes group work. It helps us in many aspects. We have lots of presentations, and we work on presentation skills, communication skills, marketing abilities and designing logistics ways.

“I just come to campus, have some fun and learn new things at the same time.” 


“Well, we are international so there is a bit of everything”

Before coming to Finland, Shima assumed that she’ll arrive to a class where at least half of students are Finnish and the rest from some other country. It was positive surprise that there were students from all around the world like Colombia, Canada, USA, England, China, South Korea and Iran.

- We have students from many different cultures and from different continents. We all get together, learn new things and get to know each other’s culture. I like it, that’s really International Business. It’s also nice that we have some teachers from other countries.

Shy but honest Finns

Juan, who have learned to speak excellent Finnish by the way, have some insightful thoughts about the Finns:

- About Finnish people, I guess we could make a whole video about it if you ask from me at least. The one thing I seem to find almost all the time in Finnish people is honesty, which I was missing there where I come from. I came here where people are reliable and honest and they really care about you as a person. 

And what does Juan think about Finnish being so often called shy?

- And when I talk about Finnish people being shy, I think it’s not because they don’t want to be next to you. It is because they respect your space so much that they don’t want to like bother you but they are basically trying to put themselves in your pants in that situation. I like Finnish people.