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Student Service Center and LAMK Support - with the student's everyday life

7.2.2018 10:00 | Uutinen
​The new Student Service Center is located in the first floor of the new Mukkulankatu campus. Student Service Center provides students guidance and counseling services comprehensively. 

Student Service Center include counseling, registry services, application and selection issues, as well as scholarship issues.

The LAMK Support service is located near the Student Service Center. LAMK Support takes care of the student's specific guidance and the need for support. The service is provided by a study coordinator, a special need teacher, a student pastor and a psychologist.

There are many guidance and counseling services offered to answer questions and support study planning.  The main operator of the student counseling are teachers and student tutors, study counselors and study coordinators. The student’s own teacher provides primary guidance for the student. The tutor teacher guides and supports students to evaluate their own skills and develop their own strengths in relation to the opportunities of their operating environment. 

Student tutoring is a peer guidance organized by The Student Union of Lahti University of Applied Sciences, also known as LAMKO, where students of older annual courses share their experiences and knowledge with new students.

Student health care is organized centrally

The services of everyday life and well-being have been in a key role since the beginning of the design of the new campus, including student health care services. 

The Päijät-Häme Wellness Association has conducted a service network and facility mapping at the whole group level, which included the examination of student health care facilities. As a result of this review, the student health care service will be fully organized centrally in the renewed Lahti City Hospital to provide equal treatment for those who are studying at different points and to ensure that the service is as accessible as possible.

Nurses continue to organize various kinds of well-being and health promotion days and, for example, Terkkapysäkki - events.

Prosperity and peer support available through TIPSIT

TIPSIT is comprehensive welfare support service in the new campus that supports and helps students with the challenges of stress, time, school and everyday life. From student to student! 

Projects representative and a developer of the idea is a LUAS student from the faculty of business and hospitality management.  The idea is not unique in Finland, but it is first welfare promotion service driven by students. 

“There is much to improve the welfare of students in terms of promoting intellectual support. Stress and time management skills as well as awareness skills will be future expertise and I think the best help comes from the peer support” says Mäkinen.