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The Call for Papers of the Conference has received abstracts from all over the world

24.2.2016 17:05 | Uutinen
The call for papers of the Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2016 Conference was a huge success. Call for proposal was open until 14th of February. The programme accepted oral and poster presentations which consisted of academic papers as well as best practises and case studies.
Totally amount of received abstracts were 116. Nearly 70 per cent of the abstracts were oral presentations. Practical papers were more common among the authors. The most popular theme category was ‘Citizens and Urban Sustainability’ which collected 54 percent of the whole amount. Second position went to theme A: The Future Development of Regions.
Under ‘Citizens and Urban Sustainability, ‘Sustainable and Innovative Urban Planning’ was the most interested subtheme. Urban development and its challenges, opportunities and methodologies are a very current topic that affects all of us. No doubt why this was a prominent subtheme. Subtheme ‘Clean Technologies and Transfer processes’ was not a bad second highlighting the importance of environment and sustainability in the concept of smart cities and regions.
Call for Papers search reached target group abroad as well as Finland. All in all, we had more than 30 papers from international sources, including authors from as far as India, Australia and Mexico. Still, the most active segment was Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. From the host organisation, Lahti University of Applied Science, the total submission was 36 pieces of which 14 were submitted by students. The second most active field was Finnish cities, regions and development organisations.
Theory and practice will be equally emphasised in the programme.  Before the program can be published based on received proposals the selection process needs to be done. All the papers go through a double blind review process. The scientific board processes the scored papers and ultimately decides which papers take part in the conference program based on the recommendations of the reviewers. In the end, 54 oral presentations and 30 poster presentations will be accepted to the program.
Overall, the organisers welcome the impressive outcome of the call for papers with excitement. No doubt we will have a plethora of high-level presenters coming to Lahti in May. Make sure to reserve a seat – the registration opens on February 29th!