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Responsible Business was the Theme of the International Intensive Week

21.3.2013 13:35 | Uutinen
Almost 50 international university students from all around the world know now  about ice fishing, sauna and other typical Finnish winter activities.
They also know now more about responsible business, life cycle and environmental management. Lahti University of Applied Sciences organized International Intensive Week 17–22 March 2013 in Lahti region.

How to combine business, technology and the environment?

“The week was aimed for students interested in environmental issues with either technological or business background, who are particularly interested in how to combine business, technology and the environment”, says International coordinator Sari Horn.
The one-week programme consisted of workshops, excursions, lectures and social programme (e.g. sauna bathing, ice fishing and international dinner).
“The idea of the week was to follow the life cycle of products from Finnish forest to reuse”, says Lecturer Sakari Autio.
According to Sakari Autio this helps the students to understand the backround of the environmental problems which are consumption and production.

"International teamwork skills very important"

The group size was about 50 students and the participating countries were for example Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Russia, UK, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Finland. The course language was English.
“In addition to the knowledge of environmental and marketing issues this week increased  international teamwork skills of the students. It’s very important nowadays”, says Sari Horn. 

Text: Helena Salakka
Pictures: Jorma Lempiäinen