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Report On Erasmusip 2013 On Motor Neuro Rehabilitation

25.4.2013 15:30 | Uutinen

​Ten students from Finland – hungry for information – decided to leave for Holland to learn something about motor neuro-rehabilitation.

An intensive course 18.3 – 28.3.2013 took place in a small town called Breda, Holland. Five nursing students (Anna-Maria Hartikainen, Irene Mulu, Elizabeth Ndegwa, Jenni Rutanen and Anssi Tukiainen) and five physiotherapy students (Elisa Harju, Kalle Niskanen, Roosa Tiihonen, Tommi Löfström and Ville Pöllänen) attended the intensive program.

"We had also two teachers with us – Nina Marttinen in the first week and Heli Oksanen in the second week. In addition, there were students and teachers from Holland, Portugal, Turkey and Czech Republic participating in the IP-course.

It was great to meet and get to know students that are also studying the same course as us but come from such different cultures. Motor neuro-rehabilitation is a broad term and process, and countries often prefer their own customson how to tackle it.

During the course we were especially encouraged to take advantage of evidence based practice while working on rehabilitation. Within the two weeks, we had many interesting lectures that were given by teachers from each participating country.

We also had self-study time and group work to work on topics that were assigned to us. Each group consisted of 10 students, 2 from each country.

In Holland, we had two field trips: In the weekend we visited Only Friends in Amsterdam, which is a sport center for disabled children. There, we had to observe the children with disabilities and come up with an analysis and therapy plan for such children.

In the second week we visited a nursing home in Roosendaal, where we got information on SilverFit-technology that is used in rehabilitation.

During the course we also had to work in multicultural groups and prepare a presentation titled “The future of neuro-rehabilitation”.

The groups chose different aspects – i.e. “how to not become a robot?”, a rehabilitation center for neurological patients and stem cell treatment in spinal cord injury patients.

In some instances, we realized that it’s not always that easy to work in multicultural teams due to the cultural and linguistic differences – but after all, we all had lots of fun!

We think that international co-operation and sharing information is important for ensuring and developing quality of education. Each of us recommends every student to acquire some international experience during their studies because nothing would be more mind-expanding than that!"




  • Report On Erasmusip 2013 On Motor Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Dates: 18th- 28th March 2013
  • Host Country: Netherlands
  • Place:  Avans University of Applied Sciences, Breda