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Here are the winners of the Puhutaan suomeksi! campaign (Let’s talk in Finnish)!

17.12.2012 14:20 | Uutinen
The winners of the Puhutaan suomeksi! campaign. From the right Moumi Jackson, Do Toan Trung and Nguyen Vo Cong Khoa.
1. Moumi Jackson (Cameroon, Faculty of Technology)
2. Do Toan Trung (Vietnam, Faculty of Business Studies)
3. Nguyen Vo Cong Khoa (Vietnam, Faculty of Business Studies)

The Puhutaan suomeksi! campaign started in September 2012. The aim of the programme was to support the Finnish learning of international students and encourage them to learn the language in normal everyday situations.

The campaign finished at the end of November 2012 when students were required to return their passports to their Faculty’s study office. During the programme students collected stamps into their Finnish language passport when visiting campus services, such as cafeterias and libraries.

The clear winner of the Puhutaan suomeksi! campaign was the Cameroonian Moumi Jackson, a student from the Faculty of Technology. During the 3 month period Jackson filled eight passports with stamps meaning that he had visited different campus services 520 times!

The winner completed 8 passports - 520 stamps!

The second place was awarded to the Vietnamese student from the Faculty of Business Studies, Do Toan Trung. He had well deserved his place with four full passports! The third place was awarded to aanother Vitnameses student from the same International Business Degree Programme, Nguyen Vo Cong Khoa. He had completed one passport.
As a reward for their excellent achievements the young men were presented cinema tickets, comedy book about Finland, Finnish Mölkky games, memory sticks and plenty of glory.

At the award ceremony all the three winners said that ‘the campaign really encouraged me to talk and learn Finnish!’ Nowadays these young men write their emails in Finnish. Even in the award ceremony the trio refused to talk English!
Many congratulations to all the winners!!


Henna Eskonsipo-Bradshaw
Project Coordinator
Lahti University of Applied Sciences