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Packaging Design and Branding alumni Justus K to Berlin Alternative Design week

12.3.2015 13:15 | Uutinen
Photographer: Verna Kovanen
Justus K, a Finnish fashion designer and performance artist, has been invited to Berlin Alternative Fashion week in 24. – 29.5.2015.
His one-of-a-kind paper couture collection titled KASKI - paper couture is a fashion collection made entirely of paper. The collection, which was part of Justus Ks Final Thesis in Lahti Institute of Design, challenges the idea of disposable wear and high fashion, through the use of an every day material that is often overlooked: paper. All the paper fabrics used in the collection are washable and handmade by the designer.
Justus K describes his style as Scandinavian but in addition it is quite decorative comparing to the common Nordic style. The KASKI – paper couture collection was based on research about the Finno-Ugric folk art. In general the frustration about the ecological and ethical problems is pushing his artistic creativity forward. The main sponsor of the collection is Finnish Forest Foundation and the fashion week outfits are manufactured by finnish RARA-product label.