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Orientation for incoming exchange students

13.2.2017 12:15 | Uutinen

New exchange students visited Ski Museum on Thursday 9.1.2017.

New exchange students have arrived again to Lahti UAS. All in all 91 new students representing 29 different nationalities. Exchange students have just started their studies and the orientation programme has also begun. Atmosphere at the Ski Museum was relaxed and fun. Students got an opportunity to try ski jumping and scores were excellent! The longest jump was 124,5 meters!
Students are going to visit also Church of the Cross designed by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto on Monday 20.2.2017. On Tuesday 21.2.2017 the group is going to have a Finnish Culture and History –lecture. 


The goal of the orientation programme is to prepare the students to daily life in a foreign culture and to prepare them for studies. Exchange students can also meet eachother during the orientation. 
The mobility of students, Finnish students going abroad and foreign students coming to Lahti, is a key element of international activities at Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

 Students tried skiing jumping