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Niemi Campus: The Melting Pot

20.5.2014 12:40 | Uutinen

​The best way to form a new environment is connecting the people in it. In the near future, when every student and staff of LAMK work in the same campus, it is very important that they all mix and mingle together no matter how different one’s cultural background is. Using this mindset, Niemi Team organized a mini-project called “Niemi Campus: The Melting Pot”. The idea is to turn Niemi Campus into a melting pot where all cultures melt and form a homogeneous environment.

From May 5 to May 19, two (actual) pots were placed in Fellmannia and Niemi Campus. There were question papers shaped like cooking ingredients. People were asked to answer two questions: “In your culture, what is the most important thing in study/life/love?” and “In your country, what is your favorite event at university campus?”. There were so many divergent answers due to the cultural background, for i.e. achievement and hard work were more mentioned among Asian students than Finnish. In addition, inspiration, trust and respect are among the most-answered values. It is also interesting to know what people expect from the new campus in the future. The common activity that students would like to have in the university is competition such as singing, sport and intellectual competition.

As part of “Niemi Campus: The Melting Pot”, a mini-cultural day was held in Niemi Campus on May 16. Students were invited to listen to cultural presentation by native students themselves and taste ethnical food. There were 6 countries presentations: China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Germany, Russia and Vietnam. The participants also came from different cultures and faculties and they expressed strong interest in such cultural events and hoped to have more similar activities. “This event is very interesting and it could be developed into a bigger international food day (Kampus Ravintola Päivä). We can invite companies and create job opportunities for students”, said Elisa Hassinen, project manager and also former international coordinator at Business Faculty. Although the event received good feedback from the participants, it was also incomplete because of the lack of Finnish representatives. It has been a challenge to involve Finnish students in multicultural activities. Nevertheless, more international activities are being planned to bring multiculturalism to the new campus.