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NASA Epic Challenge Lahti

23.5.2016 13:05 | Uutinen
Lahti University of Applied Sciences is collaborating with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA. All the students from Lahti UAS can apply to become a part of the Epic Challenge education program developed and offered by NASA.

During the fall semester 2016 and the spring semester 2017, the students will try to tackle the epic challenge of sustaining humans on Mars. To accomplish the goal of coming up with new inventive solutions, students will study the innovation processes and methods (Innovative Concept and Engineering Design - ICED) used by NASA. These studies will be worth 10-15 ECTS credits and the work will take place in a local setting in Lahti with a remote connection to NASA and its experts.

What you will learn

During the two-semester program you will learn:
•    to apply innovative conceptual engineering design methods to difficult problems,
•    to work and communicate effictively in multi-disciplinary and international teams
•    to design and execute experiments and build prototypes
•    to interact with experts and professionals from NASA and elsewhere
•    a lot about Mars and space in general

Application (max. A4 page): What added value would I bring to the Epic Challenge?
•    Contact information: name, faculty and study programme, phone number and email address
•    Why do you want to participate in NASA Epic Challenge? How much time do you have for the program?
•    What are your strengths (skills, knowledge, etc.)
  •        How have you made use of your strengths earlier? How have you confirmed your strengths? 
  • How do you make use of your strengths in your studies at the moment? 
  • How would you make use of your strengths int the future, for example in Epic Challenge?

Applications due date 31.5.2016, please send your application via email 

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