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LAMKES: Learning environment for all LAMK students

11.1.2018 9:00 | Uutinen

LAMKES (LAMK Entrepreneurship Society) is one of the 8 learning environments in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. According to its name, the society wants to support the entrepreneurial mind set among students, and also work as a bridge between students and business life. The society is operated by students and every student regardless the faculty is able, and more than welcome to join LAMKES and its actions to develop personal skills beside the classes and also to spread the word of entrepreneurship.

One of the members in fall semester 2017 was Marijo Macías, an exchange student from Monterrey, Mexico. Macías studies industrial engineering in TecMilenio University and one of her goals is to learn not only by attending the classes, but also by project working. Macías’ entrepreneurial mindset and industrious personality as well as great interest in entrepreneurship led her to join LAMKES to learn more about entrepreneurship in Finland. Another motive was her curiosity to see how the entrepreneurship society runs in Lahti University. According to Macías, they don’t have an entrepreneurship society at her home university yet, even though the university offers entrepreneurship related project work and theory based courses. 

- “Would be beneficial to have an entrepreneurship society at my home university, because there are a lot entrepreneurial minded students”, says Macías and gives a big smile after my question, if she might be the one who takes the first step in founding the entrepreneurship society in TecMilenio University. 

Macías got down to business right at the beginning of September and started to work with LAMKES’ event planning and marketing. During the semester, she was e.g. planning the new events, organizing them such as doing the advertisements. 

- “To be honest, I feel like I’ve learned much more than that I improved my social skills, I participated in activities that allowed me to have a bigger panorama of all the possibilities I have for my future work and most importantly, I found the inspiration to go back home and change the way the things are done in my university and community”, states Macías

As a learning environment, LAMKES’ core idea is not only to provide events and knowledge to the others but also to its members. We in LAMKES firmly believe, and have also proved that the best way to learn is by doing, even though it often means stepping out from the comfort zone.  Stepping out from the comfort zone should not be considered as a scary or forbidding fact, but a natural stage in developing everyone’s personal skills. Being a member of LAMKES still means a lot of other things too, like getting new friends and connections, having fun together and e.g. broaden own viewpoint by learning from the others. As cliché as it may sound, after being a member of LAMKES, you’ll always have people who you can trust to and who’ll help you in any case you need help. 

We cannot overemphasize how great it was to have Macías to work with us during the fall semester. We are grateful to Macías not only for the amazing work she did, but also for the positive impact she left. LAMKES wishes all the best for Macías, until we’ll meet again!

The spring semester has started, and LAMKES is planning the actions for the next 4 months.

If you are interested in joining LAMKES and develop your working skills, send us a message in Facebook or a message via email to

LAMKES will also participate in DuuniExpo on Wednesday 24th January, so you can also find us there!

Text and photo: Krista Tuomi, Chairman of the Board at LAMKES