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Join the international atmosphere during International Coffee Break

12.11.2015 13:10 | Uutinen

​The first International Coffee Break was held in 2009 when the Faculty of Business was still located in Ståhlberginkatu. Over the years the themes were left out and nowadays International Coffee Break is a casual event organized by Lea Kujala and it gives students a chance to meet new people. In the beginning the event had less than 20 participants, but lately the average amount of students is 50.

- Last October we broke the record with over 100 participants, Kujala laughs.

Besides coffee, tea and cookies Internatinoal Coffee Break offers students a chance to have a conversation around the topic of exchange and swap experiences. For example the exchange students who are currently studying in Lahti UAS can tell about their home universities to other who might be interested.

During the one hour event, Kujala’s table is rarely empty, because students are asking her questions from exchange to visa renewal.

Next International Coffee Break will be held on December 15th at 11:30-12:30. It will be located at NiemiCampus, 2nd floor, next to the library.


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