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Internship at BIOREGIO project

22.1.2018 12:50 | Opiskelijatarina

​Avans University of Applied Sciences from Netherlands is LAMK’s strategic partner. With around 30 000 students Avans has been an important partner for LAMK and its faculties for many years. David Huisman, a student from Avans, is now working at LAMK and completing his internship.

What brings you here in Finland and LAMK?

- As someone born and raised in sunny Spain, I get this questions a lot from the locals! After previously doing an internship in Brazil and an exchange in southern Ireland, I felt the need to push myself a bit further from my comfort zone. Thus, after a visit from a guest lecturer from LAMK to my home university in the Netherlands, I gave it a shot by asking her about any current Environmental Technology projects in LAMK. Luckily, there was a position open in the Research and Development department for a bio-based circular economy project called BIOREGIO. 

"I have to say it has been one the best decisions in my life, the weather is bearable and the snow is truly mesmerizing for someone who hasn't experienced it in many years!" 

BIOREGIO is an EU research project which studies the bio-based circular economy strategies on a regional level throughout the various European partner institutes and organizations (Spain, Greece, France etc.) in order to enhance and promote sustainable practices (fundamentals of bio-based circular economy). As an intern, David is in charge of mapping the aforementioned strategies through data analysis and research.

How would you describe LAMK?

- LAMK is a very diverse and dynamic university, which is focused in the preparatory work for our future careers. It holds similarities with my home university (Avans UAS) since it gives practical work the value that is deserves. Personally, I am very happy with the service the international office has delivered in terms of exchange student orientation, as even though I am an intern they have granted me the full benefits of an exchange student. Furthermore, LAMK has this international vibe where people from many cultures share the same goal of learning through practice, so it is a recommended destination for all technology students out there.

Do you find this internship at LAMK useful for your future career?

- Indeed, as many of us already know, Finland is the world leader in environmental research and sustainability research, so as an environmental technology student  it is the best possible destination to further develop my curricular competences. I appreciate the fact that I get a lot of responsibility in my workspace as well as an equal treatment from my supervisors and more experienced colleagues, making my time here in Lahti, a valuable opportunity.

How do you feel about Lahti as a town and how does it compare with your home town?

- I was born in a Mediterranean coastal town near Valencia in Spain, where in winter time average temperatures are between 8 and 20 degrees celsius and there is sunlight every single day of the year – so I got to admit that weather-wise it is a BIG change! I am having a fun time trying to adapt to the dark winters and minus 15 temperatures with the help of other exchange students and the cold-resistant local people. Life is much different to Spain, as people spend more time outdoors than in Lahti and everything is open until late in the evening – however, I have to admit that Lahti has surprised me in a good way! For example, student life is very affordable and the night life is very much present in the city center, additionally free sauna in our apartments makes life much easier during winters. Another cool point is that all exchange students live in the same apartment block in the beautiful neighborhood of Mukkula (a giant lake, forests to hike, sledging hills...), therefore life in Lahti is great and it is impossible to get bored!

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