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International atmosphere every day at Lahti UAS

4.10.2017 9:20 | Opiskelijatarina
​Let's go a few weeks back in time when our new exchange students started their studies in Lahti UAS​.

Imagine a group of students who have just arrived from all over the world. You can hear many languages along with English - Spanish, Japanise, Greek.. The list goes on. People from all over the Europe and beyond. To be exact, about 130 students from 24 different countries, from every single continent. Still you can feel the unity. They have at least one thing in common. Everyone has left their home for months to study in Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

Studies for exchange students started with an orientation week, where they got all the important information about Lahti and Finland in general and most importantly about their studies here. At the end of the orientation we organized an annual Lahti Amazing race. Idea was that exchange students got to know places in Lahti city center while completing tasks made by tutors. But it wasn't that easy, they had to find the check points first with only a map and one clue in their hands and be as fast as possible. Despite the cold weather our exchange students gave their all and we had a blast!

As a Finnish student who has been in contact with our exchange students for quite some time, I must say to all of you - get to know our exchange students. Go to talk with them if you see them in the same class or just say hi when you pass each other in the hallway. Be part of this incredible internationality that surrounds us every day, you're part of it too. If you're planning your own exchange and want some personal experience from locals, that is a perfect excuse to get in touch.

Be brave, be you, be international.

Best regards
Katariina Polvi
Member of the board in LAMKO, Head of international affairs