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Going Circular with CIRCLE

15.3.2016 11:00 | Uutinen
Workshop aiming at identifying opportunities for circular economy oriented solutions in Nigeria.
​On Friday, 10 March, 2016, different Finnish companies interested in circular economy gathered in Laurea Leppävaara for a seminar and workshop organized by Lahti UAS and Laurea UAS as a part of Tekes-funded CIRCLE project.  Together they explored the possibilities for collaboration to develop circular economy solutions suitable for Nigeria. 

The seminar started with CIRCLE presenting the Ecosystem approach to developing sustainable market-driven solutions. Then Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA presented Business opportunities in Circular Economy, following by NOCART Ltd​ sharing its case studies of Finland, Nepal and Kenya. Finally, Prof. Johnny Ogunji from Nigeria presented the cases of Lagos and Ebonyi States. Presentations are available at CIRCLE website.

In the afternoon, the participants were divided into 3 groups: waste to energy, material recovery, and waste collection and disposal. The groups identified needs and opportunities for circular economy oriented solutions in Nigeria.

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Maarit Virtanen
Anna Aalto
Ritva Jäättelä