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Global Service Jam - First time in Lahti

11.3.2014 11:45 | Uutinen
Lahti Service Jam
Global Service Jam is an event where people all around the world work on the same theme at the same time. The event was held in Lahti for the first time ever from 7.-9.3.2014 and the theme was portable package.  
Over 50 students from Lahti University of Applied Sciences gathered together in Fellmannia to work on the theme. Students and one group of teachers came up with nine new ideas and services during the weekend. At the end of the event every group presented their ideas to the other development groups around the world. 
The Jam is a great possibility to use imagination and creativity in creating new services. Every new idea and service gous through an entire idea planning process in 48 hours. Students had a chance to work and creat new ideas together.
The Global Service Jam was implemented by service Design experts from Lahti UAS.